Clover and Birch

Building Blocks


Each block set includes:
14 Unique Pieces
1 Peg Person
1 Large Organic Cotton carrying bag

Each block is solid wood and individually created. Once the blocks take shape they are meticulously sanded, first by machine and then again by hand. After they are smooth and free of sharp edges, each block is cleaned with citrus infused vinegar. Following the cleaning process, the blocks are allowed to air dry before being polished with organic coconut oil. Blocks are never treated with paints, dyes, or varnishes.

Clover and Birch uses a variety of available woods including:  Rosewood, Ebony, Redheart, Red Palm, Select Maple, Cherry, Spanish Cedar, Rainbow Poplar, Red Elm, Sycamore, Hackberry, Walnut, Curly Walnut, Curly Maple, Red Oak Burl, Black Locust, Mulberry, Osage Orange, and Sourwood.

Hand wash with hot water and mild soap.

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