The Mini Scout

Daisy (Blush Pink) Swaddle


This adorable daisy pattern is a reminder of the spring and summer all year round. The print is happy, positive, and offers a sense of optimism due to its cheerful nature. The neutral color palette and design style is infused with vintage vibes that are on-trend today. Mix and match this precious swaddle with all of your baby’s outfits and gear—it’s the perfect complement to any style. This print is offered in a range of colors, including shades of greens, blues and browns.

CARE: This swaddle should be washed with like colors and with cold water. Due to the texture of muslin, the fibers are loose so that the blanket can be light and breathable. Make sure that you don’t wash with items that have hooks or velcro that could potentially snag the fabric on the swaddle.

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